Denny’s Columbus Menu With Price & Hours

The Denny’s Columbus Menu has Something for Everyone, no matter what your taste. For breakfast, you can choose from Classic items like pancakes, waffles, and eggs, or more unique options like the Moons Over My Hammy® or the Lumberjack Slam®.

Denny’s Columbus Menu With Price

For Lunch and dinner, Denny’s Offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and entrees. & for dessert, you can’t go wrong with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie or the Cookie & Cream Pie.


Soft Drinks (22 oz.)$1.99+
Hot Tea$1.99
FUZE Raspberry Tea$1.99
Strawberry Lemonade$2.59
Iced Tea$1.99
Strawberry Mango Pucker$2.59
Hot Tea/Herbal Tea$1.99
Minute Maid Orange Juice$2.55
Hot Chocolate$2.39
Other Juices$2.55
Mango Lemonade$2.59
Chocolate Milk$2.65
Lemonade Iced Tea$1.99
Mild or Bold Coffee$1.99
Iced Coffee$2.69
French Roast Frozen Coffee$3.29


America’s Diner Cheeseburger$10.78
Build Your Own BurgerBuild Your Burger
Double Cheeseburger$10.69
Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger$10.69
Bourbon Bacon Burger$12.05
Spicy Sriracha Burger$10.49

Classic Breakfasts

The Grand Slamwich$9.99
Moons Over My Hammy$9.69
Country Fried Steak & Eggs$11.59
T-Bone Steak & Eggs$15.99
Santa Fe Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.59
Supreme Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.69
Fit Fare Veggie Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.69
Classic Blt$6.79
Everyday Value Slam$4.49
Stack Of Pancakes (2 Buttermilk Pancakes)$2.00
Stack Of Pancakes (2 Hearty 9-Grain Pancakes)$2.89
Biscuit & Gravy Breakfast$4.79
Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast$8.79
Beyond Burger$10.69
Parmesan Chicken Sizzlin’ Skillet$10.39
Crazy Spicy Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.99

Classic Dinners

Country Fried Steak Dinner$8.99+
Chicken Fried Chicken Dinner$8.99+
T-Bone Steak$15.99
Sirloin Steak$13.99
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$11.99
Spaghetti & Meatballs$10.99
Fish & Chips$11.99
Prime Rib & Chicken Sizzlin’ Skillet$14.99
Chicken Loaded Potato Skillet$10.99
Crazy Spicy Skillet$9.99


Oven-Baked Caramel Apple Pie Crisp$5.99
New York Style Cheesecake$5.49
Lava Cookie Skillet$6.99
Chocolate Lava Cake$3.29
Cookie & Cream Pie$5.39

All-Day Diner Deals

Everyday Value Slam®$4.00
Build Your Own Grand Slam®$8.99+
Lumberjack Slam®$15.49
All-American Slam® $15.89
French Toast Slam®$14.99.
Biscuit & Gravy Breakfast$4.79+
Stack Of Pancakes (2 Buttermilk Pancakes)$2.00
Stack Of Pancakes (2 Hearty 9-Grain Pancakes)$2.89
Fit Fare® Veggie Skillet$9.69
Fit Fare® Loaded Veggie Omelette$9.69
Fit Fare® Veggie Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.69
Fit Fare® Omelette$9.69
Fit Fare® Sirloin Steak$13.99
Fit Fare® T-Bone Steak$15.99
Fit Fare® Sizzling Chicken & Spinach$10.99
Fit Fare® Tilapia Ranchero$11.99
Fit Fare® Grilled Chicken Breast$10.99
Fit Fare® Loaded Veggie Omelette$9.69
Fit Fare® Veggie Skillet$9.69

Family Pack

Grand Slam® Pack$35.86


Jr. Birthday Cake Pancakes$4.29
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$3.99
Build Your Own Jr. Grand Slam®$4.19
Jr. French Toast$3.99
Mini Corn Dogs$4.49
Jr. Premium Chicken Tenders$4.99
Grilled Chicken On A Stick$4.79
Jr. Spaghetti$4.49
Jr. Cheeseburger$4.59
Mac & Cheese$4.49
Build Your Own Jr. Sundae$1.69
Jr. Ice Cream (Vanilla)$2.19
Jr. Ice Cream (Strawberry)$2.19
Jr. Ice Cream (Chocolate)$2.19
Jr. Milk Shake$1.99
Jr. Oreo Blender Blaster$1.99
Jr. Cake Batter Milk Shake$1.99
2% Milk$1.19
Chocolate Milk$1.19
Minute Maid Orange Juice$1.19
Minute Maid Lemonade$1.19

Melts & Handhelds

Brisk-It-All Melt™$16.69
Cali Club Sandwich$13.29
Super Bird®$13.79
Nashville Hot Chicken Melt$13.79


Ultimate Omelette®$16.49
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette$17.56
Loaded Veggie Omelette$11.99
Meat Lover’s Omelette$12.99
Ham & Cheese Omelette$10.99
Fit Fare® Veggie Omelette$9.69
Build Your Own Omelette$9.69

Pancakes & Crepes

Shortberry Dream Cakes Breakfast$15.58
Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast$15.17
Double Berry Pancake Breakfast$14.34
Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast$10.99 
Buttermilk Pancake Breakfast$2.00
Pumpkin Pecan Slam®$10.49
Choconana Pancake Breakfast$11.99
Berry Vanilla Crepe Breakfast$10 and $12


House Salad$9.39
Cobb Salad$7.29


Lumberjack Slam®$15.49
Super Slam$9.99. 
Grand Slam®$8.99+


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$6.99
Loaded Nacho Tots$6.99
Crispy Brussels Sprouts$5.99
Chicken Strips$8.99
Bacon Cheddar Tots$5.99
Zesty Nachos$8.99
Chicken & Sausage Quesadilla$9.99
Cheddar Cheese Quesadilla$6.99
Smoky Gouda Chicken & Broccoli Skillet$9.99
Wild Alaska Salmon Skillet$11.49


Slice of French Toast$5.19.
Biscuit and Gravy$4.99
Stack of Cinnamon Roll Pancakes$12.19
Stack of Choconana Pancakes$5.99
Stack of Double Berry Banana Strawberry Pancakes $5.19 / $14.34
Stack of Pumpkin Pancakes$8.99
Stack of Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes$7.16
Strawberry Vanilla Crepe (Price Varies)$10.99
Hash Browns (Price Varies)$4.99
Fresh Seasonal Fruit $4.56
Slices of Toast (2 slices) $3.21
English Muffin (1 English Muffin)$2.99
Egg (1 egg cooked to order)$2.99
Bacon (Choose four strips or turkey bacon strips)$4.99
Sausage (Price Varies)$2 and $3
Grilled Ham Slice (1 Grilled Ham Slice)$5.18
Wavy Cut French Fries$4.19
Seasoned Fries$4.99
Beer-Battered Onion Rings $5.39
Seasoned Red-Skinned Potatoes$4.99
Herb Glazed Corn$4.77
Whole Grain Rice$4.77
Garden Side Salad with choice of dressing$4.99
Fresh Vegetable Medley$4.99
Sausage Gravy$0.99
Sauces and Dressings$0.99

Milk Shakes

Oreo Shake Pack$9.59
Milk Shakes$6.79+
Strawberry Shake Pack$9.59

Denny’s Columbus Menu Hours

Sunday24 hours
Monday24 hours
Tuesday24 hours
Wednesday24 hours
Thursday24 hours
Friday24 hours
Saturday24 hours

Customer Service

Denny’s Phone Number(614) 826-5254.
Denny’s Contact Us Page
Denny’s Official


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Does Denny’s Columbus have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, Denny’s Columbus has a gluten-free menu. You can ask your server for a copy of the gluten-free menu.

What are the hours of operation for Denny’s Columbus?

Denny’s Columbus is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is Denny’s Columbus wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Denny’s Columbus is wheelchair accessible.



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